— The Demographic Effects of Colonialism: Forced Labor and Mortality in Java, 1834-1879. Journal of Economic History. (with Pim de Zwart and Auke Rijpma)

— Growth or stagnation? Well-being during the Spanish industrialization in Alcoy (1860-1910). Investigaciones de Historia Económica / Economic History Research. (with José Joaquín García Gómez) [link]

Published research

2021, The role of capital and productivity in accounting for income differences since 1913. Journal of Economic Surveys, 35 (3), 952-974. (with Robert C. Inklaar) [link]

  • See a summary of this research at VOX, the online portal of the CEPR, here.
  • See a podcast episode by A Correction Podcast featuring this paper, here.

2021, A bitter epidemic: The impact of the 1918 influenza on sugar production in Java. Economics & Human Biology, 42. (with Pim de Zwart) [link]

2021, Review of the book Landscapes of Disease: Malaria in Modern Greece, by Katerina Gardikas. Technology and Culture 62 (1), 280-281. [link]

2021, Optimism or pessimism? A composite view on English living standards during the Industrial Revolution. European Review of Economic History, 25 (1), 1-19. (with Herman de Jong) [link].

  • See the working paper version here.
  • See a summary of this research at VOX, the online portal of the CEPR, here.

2020, Sanitary infrastructures and the decline of mortality in Germany, 1877-1913. The Economic History Review, 73 (3), 730-757. [link]

  • This piece also appeared in a special issue about bringing epidemics under control, published by the Economic History Review, here.
  • See the working paper version here.
  • See a post at the Economic History Society Blog (The Long Run) here.

2019, The Composition of Capital and Cross-country Productivity Comparisons. International Productivity Monitor, 36, 34-52 (with Robert. C. Inklaar and Pieter J. Woltjer). [link]

2019, Missed opportunities? Human welfare in Western Europe and the United States, 1913–1950. Explorations in Economic History, 72, 57-73. [link]

  • See the working paper versions hereand here.
  • The data and code can be found at the Open ICPSR data repository, click here.

2018, Health, well-being and inequality over the long term. Doctoral dissertation at the University of Groningen.

  • You can download the thesis here.
  • See media summaries by the University of Groningen (link) and Scientia (link).

2018, Health and economic development since 1900. Economics & Human Biology,31, 228-237. [link]

2015, Paving the way to modernity: Prussian roads and grain market integration in Westphalia, 1821–1855. Scandinavian Economic History Review, 63 (1), 69-92 (with Martin Uebele). [link]

  • See the working paper version here.
  • See a blog post at the European Historical Economics Society Blog (Positive Check) here.

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