Research Projects

My main research line considers the relationship between public health infrastructures and long-term health developments. I am conducting several projects on the topic:

  • Global health inequality and the diffusion of sanitation since 1850 
    • This project is funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. [link]
  • Global Epidemics in Historical Perspective
    • This project has been awarded by Emergent Ventures, organized by prof. Tyler Cowen. [link]
  • Global health inequality and the diffusion of the germ theory of disease since 1900 (with Pieter Woltjer).
    • See an early summary of this research at the Economic History Society website here.
  • Sanitary infrastructures, mortality cycles and health inequality in Germany during the 19th century

My second research line explores new ways to measure the evolution of historical well-being. Currently I am working on the following projects:

  • Measuring well-being in the past: metrics, drivers and implications for development (with Michalis Moatsos).
  • The evolution of welfare in industrialized countries since 1870

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